About Us

IIE’s Young Professionals Group was established to identify the needs of members who are ages 35 and younger.

Vision Statement

To be the premier organization that unites and accelerates the progress of young professionals globally as a catalyst to promote the industrial and systems engineering profession for the future.

Mission Statement

IIE Young Professionals is a group of global young professional members that aim to strengthen their relationship with the industrial and systems engineering body at large. We create personal and professional growth opportunities including leadership development and network building. In addition, we support the transition to the professional community by integrating with the industrial and systems engineering society.

How has IIE impacted you?

“IIE has helped me establish a diverse network of professionals from the many different fields and career paths of industrial engineering. IIE also offers incredible opportunities for leadership and continuing education through conferences, speakers and social media. It’s the combination of these opportunities that keeps me engaged with IIE, and excited to learn about the advancements in the field of industrial engineering.”

– Kalli Hulse

“IIE has opened the door for me to learn more about what IEs do in the real world. IIE has been a great avenue for me to meet IEs from all over the world, both professionals and students. There are many things that keep me involved with IIE. The first thing is the people. At the student level, I was fortunate enough to interact and meet many people in IIE’s senior leadership. It was a great college experience. In addition, I believe IIE has amazing potential for growth. As far as I am concerned, every IE should be a member of IIE. Lastly, I absolutely love the annual conferences. It is the one time a year where IEs from all over the world have the opportunity to come together in one location. You learn so much and network like there is no tomorrow… and they are so much fun!”

– David Rossi

“IIE has provided me with a window into the entire world of Industrial Engineering & allowed me to learn about the advances of IE across the full spectrum of industries & academia. In addition, IIE has allowed me to build an incredible network of professionals, students & professors who I am able to collaborate with to continue to develop myself professionally. What keeps me involved are the opportunities to strengthen this network and challenge myself as a leader while increasing visibility to the benefits of Industrial Engineering in all fields.”

– Alex Bohn
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